World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day is 2 April 2023.

Celebrate World Autism Awareness Day with us by learning more about autism and spreading awareness about the reality that being autistic brings.

What Is Autism?

Autism is a developmental condition that is based on a spectrum because no two autistic people are the same. Everyone’s brain works differently, and those with autism are no exception – autistic people are often referred to as being neurodivergent because the way in which their minds function is uniquely individual.

Due to autism being so unique, it’s difficult to define, but if you are on the autistic spectrum, you may share some similar characteristics with other autistic people. These characteristics can include:

  • Different communication skills.
  • Sensory Overload with bright lights or loud noises.
  • Requiring more time to process information.
  • Heightened anxiety during social events.
  • Highly focused/special interests.

With more and more celebrities and inspirational figures being vocal about being autistic, we are becoming more aware of the reality and impact of autism. From Elon Musk, the mastermind of Tesla and ever advancing technology, to Greta Thunberg, a figurehead for climate change, autism has become what Greta refers to as a ‘superpower’.

For more information and guidance on autism, go to National Autistic Society (

Autism in the UK

It is estimated that over 1 in 100 people in the UK are autistic, and so autism is a part of daily life for millions of people – whether that’s being autistic or knowing someone who’s autistic.

Less than 30% of autistic people in the UK aged 20-24 are in paid employment. Whilst not all autistic people are ready to work, there are many who are searching for jobs that reflect their talents and employers that support them.

To find out more interesting statistics about autism, go to Statistics – BeyondAutism

Autism and the Workplace

Many employers are now becoming much more flexible and supportive of creating a positive, neurodiverse working environment by working with autistic charities and enrolling on relevant training courses. These employers are working much harder to recruit neurodivergent individuals by offering a flexible approach during the recruitment process by being able to adapt the interview environment, as well as continuing this supportive approach throughout employment.

The UK Government is now ensuring that more employers take on autistic adults and thoroughly support them with the Local Supported Employment Initiative, which provides employers with the resources to help support and protect their autistic employees.

What does Autism mean to you?

Take part in this survey to help Worcestershire County Council support you and people you know.

Worcestershire County Council’s Autism Partnership Board are working with the NHS and as many autistic people and professionals as possible to create an informed All-Age Autism Strategy.

You don’t need to be autistic to take part in this survey. The results of the survey will help create a new, better-informed strategy to support autistic people and increase awareness within our county.

Take part by going to All-Age Autism Strategy | Worcestershire County Council before 14 May 2023.

If answering a survey isn’t your style, you can still voice your opinion by emailing your thoughts and ideas to

How We can Support You

All the employers that Careers Worcestershire work with, we are fully confident that they are flexible and supportive to their employees, so if you are autistic and looking to find work and support, come to the Hub where we can provide you with help and guidance.

Here at the Hub, we support all young adults, including autistic people, aged 15-24 move into the next chapter of their lives – whether this involves going into education, following a training programme, or going into employment.

We provide help and support to make you feel more confident with your decisions about your future, offering various careers appointments with our friendly advisors, as well as health and wellbeing sessions with one of our partners in order to best suit you.

Pop into the Hub or use our website to book an appointment.

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