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What do we mean by Strategic Workforce Planning?

Your workforce is the driving force behind the achievement of your business strategy (short and long-term goals). The Strategic Workforce Planning process analyses the company culture and the current needs of your workforce vs the future needs of your workforce. This process enables businesses to build a robust company culture and ensure their workforce has the skills, knowledge and behaviours it needs to succeed in the future.

What benefits does Strategic Workforce Planning bring to businesses?

Strategic Workforce Planning is seen as key to overcoming the business challenges of the 21st Century. For Worcestershire businesses the process will mitigate recruitment and retention challenges, narrow the skills gap, and enhance agility so employers can adapt to ever-changing environments.

What Workforce Planning support is currently available?

Worcestershire County Council alongside Worcestershire Growth Hub and Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership have created the Worcestershire Workforce Planning Platform. This platform is FREE for Worcestershire businesses and will provide you with:

  • Enhanced knowledge on the why, what, and how of Strategic Workforce Planning.
  • Step-by-step guides, tools and techniques to support the development of Workforce Plans.
  • Guidance on which Workforce Plans are the most beneficial for your business.
  • Workforce Plans which can be monitored, edited, and deleted.
  • Information and reports to support you through each stage of the Strategic Workforce Planning process.

The Platform can be found here:

Workforce Planning – Worcestershire Growth Hub

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