Get Your Vote!

Get Your Vote!

Aged 18+? Don’t forget! 📢

Local elections are happening across England on 4 May and you now need photo ID if you want to vote.

This is important so make sure you can cast your ballot!

You Now Need Photo ID to Vote

The government has introduced a new measure where you now have to show an accepted form of photo ID to vote. This new measure aims to protect our security.
Some of the accepted forms you can use when going to the polling station include:

  • Passport (valid or expired are accepted).
  • Driving License (including provisional license).
  • Blue Disability Badge.

Your form of ID must be the original and not a copy, and without a valid form of ID you won’t be able to cast a ballot. You should also take your polling card with you although this isn’t a requirement.

Find more accepted forms of ID and apply for a free voter ID via:

Registering to Vote

If you have not registered to vote before, or have recently moved, you must register to vote by 17 April in order to be able to vote in elections.

Go to Register to vote – GOV.UK ( to find out more and register to vote.

What can I expect?

Going to vote can be scary – especially if this is your first-time voting. It can seem like a daunting experience, but if you’re unsure or need assistance, the staff at the polling station are there to help.

  1. When you arrive at your local polling station, members of staff will be on hand to guide you to where you need to go.
  2. In order for you to able to vote, a member of staff will need to verify your name and address to identify you on the electoral register.
  3. Once they’ve found your name on the register, they will then ask to see your photo ID to verify that it’s you that’s voting.
  4. If you have an accepted form of ID, then you will be given the ballot paper to fill out in a booth, which you can then put into the box.

If you have any questions, come see us at the Hub.