Me & My Apprenticeship

I knew I didn’t want to go to university, I knew I didn’t want student debt…I knew I wanted to carry on learning and get a qualification…I knew I wanted to earn money after college – I just didn’t know that an apprenticeship was the perfect choice for me, until I looked into it!

Hi, my name is Beth.

I have always known that the career I wanted to go into would be a creative one. I loved art at school and I knew that I wanted to do something that would let me be creative and I knew that university wasn’t for me. I never wanted to do something that felt repetitive, this is why I chose a digital marketing apprenticeship.

I started looking into my options in apprenticeship and I found out one that was about digital marketing, which really appealed to me and it seemed like like a versatile and innovative role. Marketing is also something needed, it is something that is ever-changing and that was an exciting concept to me.

Do your research

Initially, the thought of covering extensive content, assembling a portfolio, taking exams, participating in an interview about my work, and completing a final project seemed daunting. I worried about balancing work whilst getting all of this done. However, this worry quickly went away once I started the apprenticeship.

The structure of 4-day courses every few months covering all relevant content and taking exams as soon as courses finished put me at ease. I also appreciated having six dedicated hours each week to work on my portfolio or study, I usually took these hours all at once and had an ‘apprenticeship day’ every week, if I needed a little extra time to work on my portfolio all I had to do was ask.

The apprenticeship’s best aspect, for me, was the combination of earning a salary, gaining practical experience, and acquiring a qualification, knowledge, and skills. It provided valuable working connections and allowed me to realise that the skills I acquired are transferable and the qualification obtained opens doors to diverse opportunities.

If I wanted to after the level 3 apprenticeship you can move on to level 6 which is equivalent to obtaining a degree- this is a positive alternative to university!

The challenges

Doing an apprenticeship is challenging work, I’m not going to lie. It takes effort and dedication, however I would not change the path I chose for myself.

Obviously at times I still felt stressed as I am human! I put pressure on myself because I wanted to do well and worried if what I was not doing was not good enough, however, I only had to bring this up with my employer or my training provider and they would help me by coming up with solutions and provided support to get me back on track.

I have come out of it with positive feedback on the work I did, persevered, and got through all the exams even the coding one which I found particularly difficult and have gained my qualification.

Once I finished my apprenticeship with Worcestershire County Council, I started to look at what other opportunities were available and I applied for a job in another part of the council. I had an interview for an Assistant Marketing & Communications Officer role – and I got it! That is the role that I am doing right now!


Worcestershire Apprenticeships logoAn apprenticeship demands hard work, effort, and dedication. However, I would not change the path I chose for myself. Positive feedback on my work, overcoming challenges like a difficult coding exam and securing my qualification were all rewarding.

I recommend an apprenticeship – it can open so many doors to you and gives the ability to earn while you learn. You will be supported along the way and there are so many options and industries to choose from. Check out Worcestershire Apprenticeships website for more details and to find out about the WA Account and Bursary, it is like a one-stop shop for your apprenticeship journey. It is a great place to start, and you can also talk to the fantastic team at Careers Worcs for more info. Good luck – your journey starts here!


– Bethan