Staying Safe on Bonfire Night

Spooky season is over, and bonfire night is fast approaching. Here are a few top tips for keeping yourself safe.

Firstly, go to an organised firework display; they have more rules and regulations regarding health and safety, which is safer than attending a homemade display in your neighbour’s back garden. Stay far away from the fireworks and bonfire. Most clothes are extremely flammable, and it takes seconds for a fire to spread.

Keep in mind that your pets could react badly to the loud bangs which fireworks produce and that this could scare them or leave them in a panicked or confused state. While you can’t control other people and their celebrations, you could try your best to protect your pets this Bonfire Night, by either creating them a comfortable space with blankets in their beds etc, having the TV or music on loud enough to keep them distracted by the noise or even soundproofing the room as best you can so that they don’t get frightened by the noises.

We all love sparklers, holding them or waving them around to create shapes or words with the lights can be a

fun and nostalgic thing to do. Only hold one sparkler at a time and remember that wearing gloves while holding a sparkler is important for your safety!

DID YOU KNOW… Sparklers can reach temperatures which are 5 times hotter than cooking oil!

Around half of all bonfire night injuries are to children, so keep them as far away as possible from any naked flame and any fireworks too.

Most of all, have fun and follow these safety precautions to maximise your experience. The safer you are, the less chance there is of any disasters happening.

Local displays: (Bonfire Night in Worcestershire | Visit Worcestershire)

  • Low noise fireworks – Droitwich, Churchfields 3rd-5th November
  • The Greatest Showman Firework spectacular, Worcester 28th October
  • Bonfire and firework display, Evesham- 4th November
  • Himley Hall, Worcestershire 4th November · Hop Fest on Fire, Bewdley 4th and 5th November