World Teachers’ Day

Teachers Who Are Making a Difference Now!

In the world of education, there are many trailblazers making waves. They’re not your typical educators! They’re breaking the mould, and their stories are game changers.

This World Teachers’ Day (5th October), dive into the exciting journeys of Kakenya Ntaiya, Hanan al-Hroub, Salman Khan, and Linda Darling-Hammond – four superstars who are turning education into something epic!

These stories are a must read to inspire your own unique path into the world of teaching!

Kakenya Ntaiya

Kakenya Ntaiya’s impact as an educator extends beyond the classroom.

Her commitment to transforming the lives of young Maasai girls in Kenya has brought about great change.

Through the Kakenya Centre for Excellence, she has provided access to education and championed gender equality, empowering girls to break from traditional barriers. Ntaiya’s dedication to education has opened doors for many marginalised girls, demonstrating the power of education in creating brighter futures and fostering social change. Her global influence reminds us of the boundless possibilities that emerge when education is seen as a tool for empowerment and progress.

Watch her TedTalk here to hear about the obstacles she faced to grow into the inspiration she is today.


Hanan al-Hroub

Hanan al-Hroub’s influence as an educator is inspiring.

From Palestine, she has dedicated her life to promote peace and education in a region of conflict.

Her teaching methods, rooted in empathy and nonviolence, earned her the Global Teacher Prize in 2016. Al-Hroub’s work emphasises the importance of creating a safe and nurturing learning environment, being a positive impact on many Palestinian children.

Her legacy for peaceful education stands as powerful proof to the potential of teaching, hope, tolerance, and brighter future for generations to come.


Salman Khan

Salman Khan’s influence as an educator has been innovative.

As the founder of Khan Academy, he offers free, high-quality online resources to learners worldwide.

His user-friendly instructional videos cover a wide range of subjects, making complex topics accessible to millions. Khan’s approach to personalised learning has reshaped traditional classrooms and inspired educators to embrace technology for enhancing education.

His impact on education transcends borders, empowering individuals of all ages to take control of their learning journeys and fostering a culture of lifelong learning.


Linda Darling-Hammond

Linda Darling-Hammond‘s influence as an educator is profound and far-reaching.

Known for her expertise in teacher education and educational policy, she has played a vital role in the American education system.

As an advocate for fair and effective teaching practices, she has influenced policies prioritising teacher quality and students’ outcomes.

Her research and leadership have helped reforms aimed at closing achievement gaps and ensuring all students have access to high-quality education.

Her impact inspires educators & policymakers to campaign fair, researched approaches to education reform.


The world of teaching isn’t just about classrooms and textbooks.

These stories are a reminder that teaching is a powerful force for positive change. If you’re considering a career in teaching, remember that you have the potential to be a trailblazer, just like these incredible educators. Your journey in education can be epic, filled with opportunities to make a lasting impact, drive positive change, and inspire generations to come.

Who knows, you can make an impact with one person, within a school, in Worcestershire or further afield. The possibilities are endless. And we are here to give you the support you need. Visit us at the Hub in The Hive to kickstart your career into teaching with an one-to-one appointment with a careers advisor. Or check out Careers in Teacher Training and Education here to find pathways into teaching. Start your journey into teaching today!


– by Rebecca

Happy International Literacy Day!

Unlocking the Power of Reading: Your Journey to Personal and Professional Growth

Reading is a transformative journey, introducing distant worlds, captivating characters, and expanding horizons. In your career journey, casual reading becomes a powerful tool for personal and professional growth and International Literacy Day this Friday 8th September is the perfect day to unearth and explore your love for reading. Discover top book recommendations from the Careers Worcestershire team when you’re next down at the Hive.


  1. The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Lord of the Rings is a classic must-read, offering lessons on friendship, perseverance, and leadership in its epic fantasy world. It emphasises the power of teamwork, strategic thinking, and determination, showcasing how even the smallest individual can make a significant impact with a strong sense of purpose.

  1. Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

Dolly Alderton’s Everything I Know About Love delves openly into young adulthood, relationships, and personal growth. It imparts valuable lessons on communication, emotional intelligence, and the work-life balance, enhancing important interpersonal skills for networking and career development.

  1. Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo

Evaristo’s Girl, Woman, Other weaves twelve diverse characters’ stories, celebrating diversity and exploring identity, gender, race, and societal expectations. It fosters empathy and the ability to collaborate with people from various backgrounds, valuable assets in a world valuing inclusivity and diverse perspectives, enhancing your career journey.

  1. Her Birth by Rebecca Goss

Rebecca Goss’s poetry in Her Birth is a compelling choice. Goss’s resilience amid personal challenges, navigating grief, and adapting to life’s complexities through poetry offers a valuable lesson in facing setbacks with positivity, adaptability, and resilience, fundamental for growth and advancement on your journey.

  1. Notes on an Execution by Danya Kukafka

Notes on an Execution examines human psychology and mortality, prompting reflection on justice, ethics, and moral ambiguity. It fosters critical thinking and analytical skills vital for the professional realm, encouraging a multi-perspective approach and informed decision-making aligned with personal values.

  1. The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis

Walter Tevis’s novel The Queen’s Gambit mirrors the journey of a young chess prodigy, highlighting themes of strategy, determination, and resilience. Like chess, your career demands strategic thinking, teaching you to anticipate, plan, and stay focused on your goals for your professional success.

  1. Carrie by Stephen King

Stephen King’s, Carrie, classic novel follows a girl with supernatural abilities who confronts bullying and isolation. While not explicitly about career progression, it emphasises embracing uniqueness and overcoming challenges. In your career journey, your individuality and resilience can distinguish you and propel your success.


In the literary world, we’ve discovered invaluable insights beyond book pages. Reading, often viewed as leisure, shapes personal and professional growth. Diverse recommendations teach teamwork, empathy, resilience, and strategic thinking. Each word absorbed is a steppingstone to personal and career excellence. Embrace reading’s magic on your journey to success!