Staying safe this festive season.

Tis the season to be jolly, but it’s also the time to prioritise your safety and wellbeing amidst the chaos of Christmas time and New Year. There are so many temptations during the festive season, but staying safe and responsible for your own health and wellbeing is important!


With the festive season being full of gift-giving and socialising, it can often be an expensive month for many people.

Budgeting is such an important skill, especially when it comes to celebrating Christmas and New Year.

It’s essential to prioritise your financial wellbeing during this festive period, so here are a few great tips to remember:

  1. Have a clear budget and use free budgeting apps to track spending. It’s good to be honest with yourself (and family and friends) regarding how much you can spend this festive season. If you’re looking for post-Christmas financial advice, pop along to our financial wellbeing drop-in sessions, part of our New Year New You theme for January!
  2. Prioritise your budget on categories that matter to you. So, if you love buying presents, focus your budget on this area rather than other areas.
  3. Take advantage of discounts. Many shops promote discounts during the festive period, so use this to your advantage – just make sure to avoid any scams!

This can be a stressful month – particularly if you don’t have a job. I remember last Christmas when I didn’t have a job or any income; it felt like my head was ready to explode with money worries! This is what really kickstarted me into trying to get a job, and I ended up being supported by Loz at Careers Worcestershire, who helped me search and apply for jobs.

If you’re looking for this same support, click here to book an appointment!


Drink responsibly

It’s so easy to get carried away at festive parties and celebrations, but knowing your own limits is essential!

You don’t have to drink to have fun!

If you drink alcohol, make sure to be responsible for the amount you’re consuming. Having too much alcohol can spoil the fun – not just for you but for others around you. I know it’s not fun to be cleaning up your own sick on New Year’s Eve whilst everyone else is having fun…

If you’re planning on drinking at a party, plan your travel. Whether you have a sober friend/family member to drive you home or you rely on public transport and taxis, planning ahead is important because anyone can be vulnerable – especially after drinking.


Driving in winter weather

Whether you’re the designated driver or just commuting, driving during the festive season and in winter weather can be daunting.

When driving at night in cold temperatures this festive season, it’s important to:

  1. Plan your journey, including road closures, before you set off.
  2. Take it easy and not rush. Driving at night in cold weather can make it difficult to see ice and other dangerous patches on the road. It’s a good idea to drive slower when you’re not sure.
  3. Ensure your car is in an appropriate condition (i.e., valid MOT and tax) and that all lights, wipers and indicators work.
  4. Defrost your car correctly using a good scraper and a can of de-icer or warm water.
  5. Focus on the road. If you’re the designated driver taking people home, make sure not to let drunk passengers distract you.
  6. Have a fully charged phone with data so you can contact people in the event of a breakdown or another emergency.
  7. Have a breakdown kit in your car, including useful items such as a blanket, torch, jump leads, and a first aid kit.

Click here for more tips on driving in winter weather.


Not feeling festive?

There’s no shame in not feeling Christmas cheer! With so much expectation on what Christmas should look like, it can make the month feel more like a chore if you’re already not feeling Christmassy.

If you’re struggling with mental health or suicidal thoughts, make sure to reach out to get support! Whether it’s with friends and family or anonymous helplines, telling someone about how you’re feeling is so important.

For mental health support over the festive season, you can visit the YoungMinds website here or contact Samaritans for free by calling 116 123


Stay safe and have fun this festive season!

We hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year!


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